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Who doesn't love conures? These wonderful little clowns from South America make their presence known with their loud voices and "It's all about ME" attitude.  Conures will not be ignored but they will be loved.  They are cuddly, intelligent and fun!

Would you like to see conures in the wild?  Learn how on our blog  Miles to the Wild!

Golden Conures are my dream bird and on a recent trip to the USA, I had the pleasure of meeting a few of them.  Unfortunately, their $10,000 price tag in Australia puts them into the "when I win the Lotto" category.  These beautiful birds AKA Queen of Bavaria Conures are from Omar's Exotic Birds in Southern California and Busch Gardens in Florida.

Friendly and inquisitive, conures usually get along with each other.

Flighted conures are a delight to watch, but make sure your home is safe before allowing them to fly.

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